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Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017-02-12 From T@Bbing to Airstreaming!

We have a new camper! We got a 2017 Airstream Flying Cloud 26U and you can follow that blog here:



Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016 August - October Catch Up

So, my Samsung phone broke and I was without a phone for a month. Got my first ever iPhone now and the jury is still out whether I like it or not. Anyway, I could not get photos for a while, etc. and the blogging slipped so this is an end of season catch up posting. We went out camping a couple of times in that time frame of August through October and did a couple of small rallies so here are some photos and their back stories...

 A few of us got together at Caesar Creek State Park. Here's me!
 Here's Tom & Ella setting up upon arrival...

Steve & Cindy were at Caesar Creek, too, and had bought this new truck tent and this was their first camping trip with it. They have their regular camper but they were planning on doing an Alaska trip next year and didn't want to tow so thought this might be a handier option. Turns out, though, they've since cancelled their Alaska plans altogether. But cool truck tent!

 Carie & I did a weekend at our favorite campground, Morgan's Canoe. Just us two in a low key weekend so just a picture here of a quiet afternoon of Carie reading and in the photo below that was a pretty cool and pretty huge caterpillar in the site across from us!

 We got together at East Fork State Park with friends Lou & Larry, Tom & Ella and Aaron & Stephanie and their baby, Maddy and we did a trip to downtown Cincinnati for Oktoberfest and watched the wienie races! It was a hoot! Tough to get any great pictures, though, with the crowd. Strange thing was their were NO food trucks or vendors set up when we were there! Apparently they were all set up later even though we were there when vendor's were supposed to be set up.
The famous Fountain Square:

Racers, start your engines!

...And they're off!

Back at camp, Stephanie & Aaron's awesomely redone and painted Argosy Airstream...

Carie, Tom, Ella, Stephanie & Maddy...
The last trip we did was to Hocking Hills and because it was just Carie & I and nothing too spectacular the only picture we took was this awesome Halloween "costumed" horse and owner -

Friday, July 29, 2016

2016-07-12 Little Guy's "Tearstock 2016"

We went to this years Tearstock rally that's put on annually by Little Guy teardrops and Pleasant Valley Trailers. I went for the whole week but as usual for this rally Carie could only make it for the weekends. It was at Atwood Lake Park campground in Mineral City, OH. Where they've had it every year since the first Tearstock in 2013. This is my 3rd one and will probably be my last. The park is prepping to totally re-model the campground and I mean totally! They're going to bulldoze the entire place and start anew but here's the kicker for this rally...they clear cut every tree so there wasn't ANY shade to be found in the 90+ degree weather all week! Carie drove, or rode, separately since she had to work all week, but she rode up, 4 hours (!) each way on our Can-Am Spyder. Both weekends! That's a long haul on a Spyder! On the way up to the rally we came upon a classic car show and checked that out and ate their chicken dinner they offered up. They had the usual going on at the rally like the items for sale from The Teardrop Shop in the main tent, a pot luck dinner, a DJ on Thursday & Friday nights, T@B & teardrop modification tours, a couple of new T@Bs to check out, etc. I pretty much stuck around the campground all week and didn't venture out too much to the surrounding area in Amish country. We had a nasty storm blow through, too, on Tuesday night and it trashed a number of tent rooms and easy-ups! Here are my pics...

Clear cut. 'nough said...

The car show!


Joe & Debbie -
Carol and her setup before the storm
Carol's setup after the storm!!! Note the pile of twisted easy-up in the background of the first photo and the closeup in the second photo -

 Before the storm...
After the storm!!!
 T@Bs & ralliers
Sean -

More storm damage -

Jenine Pettit (below), kind of neat meeting her as she does a blog for GoRVing.com along with several other bloggers and I have been following those blogs for a while now. They are nice reading on all kinds of camping topics. Jenine also does a video blog which is what she is known for by most...except me. Ha. I just read the GoRVing blogs...
And some more storm damage...

 A view of the lake -

These three were excellent musicians and only a few sites away from me and kept me entertained all week.  :-)

John and his family. Cool set up with their custom Silver Shadow Little Guy teardrop being pulled with his Harley-Davidson van. John is a Little Guy/RV dealer in Western Indiana.
A couple of ralliers trying out our Segway's